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Doc Robinson’s latest single, The Otherside, is set to release June 9, 2023


“The Otherside” is the second single from their collaboration with producer, Alex Fitts,

more commonly known by his recording moniker, The Kickdrums.

The song explores the euphoric, dizzying effects of young love. Cinematic string swells, fuzzy guitars, and driving grooves chronicle the daring adventures one undertakes to hold onto the inexplicable vibe.


Produced and Mixed by Alex Fitts of The Kickdrums 

Jonathan Elliott - vocals

George Barrie - guitars

Aaron Bishara - drums

Artwork by Donnie Mossman

Drums Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studio

Mastered by Joe Viers

The Otherside wav file download

Doc Robinson Bio

With eccentric lyricism, heartbreak harmonies, and dueling lead guitar synergy, Doc Robinson’s  infectious midwestern gumbo sound defies genre boundaries unlike any other. Tight arrangements and simple, punchy pop hooks have defined the band’s rise, building a loyal fanbase and a robust catalog of “backyard BBQ breakup music.”


Since its inception in 2016, the Columbus, Ohio band — founded by Jon Elliott and Nick D’Andrea — has built a following of 100,000+ monthly listeners around the globe. Doc Robinson, a pioneering voice in the grassroots indie music movement, has toured nationwide alongside Caamp, Neal Francis, The Brook and the Bluff and more. Their songs have also been featured on major TV series, “The Walking Dead” and “BoJack Horseman,” allowing them to reach audiences worldwide.

As Elliott now dons the sole captain’s hat, the band continues to build on a foundation of feel-good hits and develop in new musical directions. With an increasing number of nationwide tour dates and ongoing creative collaborations, Doc Robinson is reaching new audiences everyday and further establishing themselves as a prominent and influential act in the music industry.

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